Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Yarn Along 21

Once again, I missed a couple of Yarn Alongs, but today I'm joining Ginny again for a weekly appreciation of yarn and books.
Things have been a bit busy around here. First of all I am getting married at the end of August and although it will be a teeny, tiny wedding with only closest family there is still a lot to organize and think of. It's not so much the wedding itself that still needs a bit of organizing (although Sebastian still needs a shirt) but all the paperwork and what comes after the wedding. Insurance, changing my last name, informing the bank, and whatnot...
Second of all I have finally kicked myself in the butt and finished my design: "Honey Mustard Mittens". Maybe some of you remember the fingerless mittens I have been working on, they came up in one or two Yarn Along posts. The design has been on hold for a while but now it is finished and I published it last week on Ravelry. For more information, please read this post or go straight to the Ravelry pattern page. Thank you =)

But now on to the Yarn Along. I have nearly finished the Goodale Cardigan, all that's left is the final steps like finishing the neck and sewing down the fronts. I'm not so happy with the fit of this cardigan but I have learned from other projects not to judge before washing and blocking. So I'll not complain and whine now =)
I also started a new sock that was in a special sock issue of Verena Knitting magazine. I'm not so sure I will actually stick with this pattern, it is highly complicated and demands a lot of attention. Usually I don't mind that but I just can't get into the flow with this one. I had to rip back already - I'm knitting the sock toe-up whereas the pattern is written for cuff-down. I'm not giving up so quickly though, especially since I want to use the yarn. I started several things with it but always frogged. I don't know what it is, it is a nice sock yarn in a pretty pumpkin orange but somehow it seems to be cursed.

We have a couple of hot days around here and I am enjoying them immensely. So far summer was almost nothing but rain and cool days and I am so happy to at last have sun and warmth. It probably won't last that long, weather forecast says that we will be back to bad weather for the weekend. 
I was sorting through my books the other day and found one of my childhood favourites: "Meine Freundin Roberta und der K├Ânig" - "My friend Roberta and the king" by Viveca Sundvall. The original version is Swedish, so for the Swedes of our Yarn Along group, the original title is "Vi smyger pa Enok". This is the perfect children's book for summer holidays. It is of course a super quick read for adults but I remember reading in the summer because it is a story of how a little girl spends her summer holidays and makes new friends, goes swimming, builds a fort, ... The whole story spells SUMMER and it is a nice book for children. I had to laugh when I saw my own crooked handwriting from primary school in the book, I had written my name and who gifted me the book on the first page. The whole book has writing or colouring in it, smudged fingerprints ( I probably took the book into the garden or to the pool back then) and even a bit of sand stuck between the pages. Ah...memories =))

I hope you enjoy a bit of summer, too, with your favourite books and some knitting.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Honey Mustard Mittens - a Toadstool Knittery Design

Long time, no see... But I haven't been just lazy, oh no! Some of you may remember me talking about a design for mittens I have been working on for quite some time now, it came up in one or two Yarn Along posts. I lost my motivation somewhere in the process but found it back, too. Last week I finally published my very first, very own knitting pattern on Ravelry and of course I want to share it here, too! So may I present - proudly and humbly at the same time: Honey Mustard Mittens by Toadstool Knittery:

"The Honey Mustard Mittens are fingerless mittens that are knitted in the round, form the cuff onwards. They feature a thumb gusset in order to obtain a perfectly tight and yet comfortable fit. Sizes are given in small, medium and large but you can easily adjust the stitch number to your own liking. [...]"

So far the pattern is only available on Ravelry but I plan to put it on Etsy and Dawanda as well. The pattern is in English - the German version will be up soon, I'm working on it. Fur further information please go to the Ravelry pattern page.

I am very excited about this. It took a long time to have the pattern the way I wanted it to be and I put a lot of thought and effort into writing the pattern. It is written in a highly detailed fashion so that even beginners can follow it. I wanted to be as neat and clear as possible and corrected and changed the instructions many times. I can't wait to see other knitters' versions of the mittens!!