Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Yarn Along 18

Hello my fellow knitters, crocheters and readers!
Another long overdue (YarnAlong-) post from me... We recently had a bit of drama (for lack of a better word) around here, quite a few visits to the doctor's office, problems with my new job and what not. We have mostly recovered and look ahead with positive thoughts, so no need to worry =) I just was too tired to write or even knit and not very motivated to do anything besides working, lying on our new ginormous sofa and getting blood samples taken 3 times a week. Now I'm feeling good and full of energy again and as I have the rest of the month off from work because they don't know if they can pay me (that's the second time since I started the job in December), I have much time for knitting and other time-consuming luxuries.

I'm working very hard on my Cotton Candy Bobbles Cardigan, in fact I don't even look at or touch any other projects right now. That's more or less unheard of, I'm usually into several projects at once. But I realized that every time I put the cardigan away and then resume knitting on it, I have to spend too much time working my way into my notes and into the pattern again. So now I'm engulfed in pinky bobbly pleasure until it is finished! Maybe some of you remember my battle with the rolling and curling stockinette part from my last YarnAlong. I decided to add a crochet border to the lower edge to tame the curling a bit. Well it worked a teeny tiny bit but of course the stockinette part is so huge that it will curl again at some point. Actually it now folds over at the bottom and then curls =)) But I'm positive a good blocking will help in the end.
It may not look like much progress but believe me, there's been some serious, very focused knitting! The rows are quite long as the back part and both front parts are worked seamlessly. I guess it will be so nice once that part is finished because then it will only be the sleeves and then it's done. I'm so in love with those bobbly vines and look forward to wearing the cardigan. I'm not sure I will be able to wear it before next Autumn as it's worsted weight pure wool. Maybe on a rather crisp Spring evening if I really hurry...

I started the fourth book of the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon "Drums of Autumn", this time in English. I read the first three books in German and now I'm happy to give the original version a go. So far it's a bit different but very nice. Doesn't the baby blue cover look pretty on my pink cardigan? =) Well, maybe it's a bit eye-watering ^^ I got the book at a very reasonable price but the pages are bound so tightly that it's sometimes not so easy to read the words that are nearest to the center.

Thank you for coming here and taking an interest in my knitting and reading! I'll be looking at your stuff now, too! =) For inspiration, go here: Ginny's Blog