Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Yarn Along 17

Oh my... my first Yarn Along with Ginny this year and it's already February. I have some FOs to show you and want to write about a lot of things but I don't know... I'm in a Winter funk I guess. It's sooooooooo cold here in Germany, the night before last we had -19°C!! I feel so bad for all the animals who have to endure sleeping and finding food in such cruel weather. I'm regularly putting out birdfeed and hot water on the window sill but when it's that cold the birds don't even come. Today it's warmer and they have come back to gobble up all those fatty treats and warm water =)

Back to the Yarn Along:
The cold weather makes me want to knit socks non-stop. Yeah alright, I always want to knit socks non-stop but especially now. I washed a load of woollen socks the other day and found I don't have enough. But it was such a satisfying view, all those warm socks on the drying rack, it makes me feel a bit more prepared for cold days.
The new pair is knit in plain stockinette stitch. The rich colours and little specks of glittery lurex are enough to look at, even simple ribbing would be too much in my opinion.

I'm also still knitting on my Cotton Candy Bobbles Cardigan but it's so frustrating =( The yarn is Cascade 220 Wool and it keeps curling like mad. Not where the actual bobbles are but the stockinette parts drive me mad. It curls into such a tight wool sausage that the knitting is really hard on the hands, wrists and forearms (no, I'm not knitting worsted weight yarn with such small needles, I had to park the cardigan on smaller ones because I needed the 5 mm needle for legwarmers *g*). I am pondering the possibility of blocking it before I knit on. Any suggestions and experiences on that matter would be highly appreciated!! The Cardigan is knit in one piece so there won't even be seams to keep the yarn under control. I've had this problem before with Cascade and stockinette but it was a hat and an i-cord edge took care of that problem. Maybe I can add a crochet border afterwards? Edit: I've already knitted a short border at the foot of the stockinette part because I had an inkling that it would otherwise curl like hell. Apparently it doesn't suffice =/

I just had to take a picture of it with my wonderfully pink hyacinth. Isn't she lovely?? I was so suprised to see two additional blossoms hide within the leaves. And a bit concerned, too - I really like the scent but one blossom is usually enough to keep the whole room scented. But somehow these blossoms aren't that intense, so it's all good and so very pretty. Finally I have a pink hyacinth, so far I only had blue ones (which are pretty too). Now you could say that the pink container should have given me a hint. But there were black and red containers, too, so I guess the colour of the plastic container was completely random.

I'm reading Tolkiens "The Hobbit" at the moment. It's been a long time since I've read it and I thought I should read it again before I watch the new movie. This is our third edition of the book. I had a German translation before and so had Sebastian. As we are mostly reading the original versions of books now, I ordered an English copy. I'm enjoying it a lot and look forward to seeing the movie.

I hope you will forgive my long absence from the Yarn Along and the blog - again. I haven't even visited other blogs during that time, I think I'd just lost my blog-mojo. But I'm pretty sure it's back now!