Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Yarn Along 6

Hello and welcome to another Yarn Along - as always hosted by Ginny from Small Things!
I have nothing new to read for you this week but there's a lot of knitting going on. And there will be much more new knitting soon. There will be at least 3 new projects on the needles, which makes me very excited. I love starting new things, either with new fresh yarn or with something from stash. My stash is fairly small and I intend to keep it that way. Sometimes, when I bought yarn for a specific project and it doesn't work out and has to be ripped, I immediately try to find a new project for that yarn. I could never stash huge amounts of lovely yarn for a long time, it would drive me crazy to have all those skeins lying around and not do something with them. I do have some sockyarn stashed, though. It's pretty much the only yarn I ever buy without having a pattern in mind because you only need one ball for socks and only one or two for a shawl.

I didn't really want to talk about my barely existent, where was I? Ah yes, the Yarn Along! I'm currently knitting my first mittens / gloves ever. Well, they are fingerless, but they have a thumb, with gusset and all! The pattern is "Susie's Reading Mitts" by Janelle Masters. A lot of people who knitted them talk about a choice of sizes in their project notes, I only found one size. One mitt is nearly finished, I still have to tuck in the edges to form some sort of picot edging. Please excuse the blurry picture, it's very difficult to take a shot of your own hand and arm! I cracked my neck a bit while doing this... I will show you better pictures once the mittens are finished.

The yarn was gifted to me by my Norwegian penpal Linda, who made me very happy! She gave me two skeins of this wonderful soft teal yarn and two skeins of a yummy brown lace yarn. I already have a project picked out for the lace yarn, too! At first I thought the yarn would be too busy for mittens with lacy edges because the four plies are all different shades of green and blue. But it knits up into such a wonderful colour, I'm completely over the moon with it. I have no word for that colour, it's not simply teal, it's green and blue and turquoise and just so beautiful. I named the mittens "Mermaid's Gauntlets" because the colour looks like deep and mysterious lagoon water or something like that and I figure it would be the perfect colour for a garment a mermaid would wear. As you can see from all the babbling, I'm really very excited about the colour ^^

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Yarn Along 5

Good day to you my dear readers!
I missed Ginny's Yarn Along last week =( I actually haven't posted anything since the Yarn Along two weeks ago. I had a lot of errands to run and some doctor's appointments I've been putting off for ages (nothing serious!). But this week I'm back in the saddle and would like to show you once again what I'm knitting and reading these days.

I really should be knitting on my Copper Bolero but can't seem to find motivation for that. Instead I pulled out my wonderfully red Haruni again - makes a nice change for all that sock knitting that's going on here. Please excuse the pale picture, it's so hard to capture red hues as they really look like. The yarn is actually a wonderful deep cherry red - in the picture it looks awfully pale and kind of washed out. But that's better than the tomato red that appeared in most shots I took. Many of you will know the pattern, it's quite popular - and for a good reason! "Haruni" by Emily Ross is an enchanting pattern, so pretty and very, very well written. And it's free! This time last year I was knitting feverishly on my first Haruni which was a birthday gift for my mother. I was using a dark navy sock yarn and would have been bored to death if it hadn't been for the fantastic pattern. I like most colours but navy blue really is not my cup of tea. But the pattern, lovely. It was my first serious lace project and I had no trouble with following the instructions. Except for the provisional cast-on maybe. I'm not a fan of that method and used a garter tab instead with my first Haruni.

Two weeks ago I presented Holly Black's "Tithe" to you, now I'm reading the sequel "Ironside", which is just as great. I know you shouldn't judge a book by its cover but I have to admit that I'm a sucker for pretty covers. Of course I don't buy books just because of their covers but I love when they are pretty or funky or simply unusual. And I think the illustrations on the cover should always be connected with the actual content of the book. Needless to say, this edition of "Ironside" pleases me in every way!

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Yarn Along 4

Hello there!
Another Wednesday, another Yarn Along with Ginny, hooray =) The first Mermaidia sock is nearly finished (I haven't decided what bind-off I want to do this time) and I casted on for more socks already as the 2,5 mm needle was finally free. Well, so was the 2,75 mm needle. In my unstoppable enthusiasm to start a new project I pulled the wrong needle out of my ever growing heap of knitting projects and balls of yarn and started knitting with the 2,75 mm needle instead of the 2,5 mm needle. Usually I keep my needles in their original packaging so as to avoid situations like these but that day for some reason I had needles all over the place. I was half done with the first sock and was silently wondering why the stitches were so loose and stretchy (I'm such a tight knitter, this almost never happens). Then I spotted another needle poking out from under a heap of printed patterns, current projects, etc. that surround me on the couch. While the penny was dropping and exasperation was sinking in I closed my eyes and took a deep breath and then started ripping the sock apart. Without complaint! I really shouldn't cast on anything new late at night, with tired eyes and half-asleep brain.
Anyhow, the new sock project is "Jeck" by Regina Satta, a pattern I've knit before and found to be a very welcome alternative to plain stockinette or ribbing. Sadly the yarn doesn't bring out the pattern, although it changes colours in solid stripes. I'm not so fond of the colour combination but the yarn is very soft and it was a birthday present. The person who gave it to me is asking frequently if I already started to knit with the yarn and I don't want to disappoint people who are so nice to give me yarn for my birthday =)

I'm still reading "Dragonfly in Amber" but I'm treating books as I'm treating knitting projects: The more the merrier and gladly at the same time. I'm once again reading "Tithe" by Holly Black, one of my all time favourites - and the sequel "Ironside". I love those books so much that I pull them from the shelf every few months. They're fairly thin, so I'm not really neglecting any other current reading projects. At first I read "Tithe" in German but ordered the original version when I ordered "Ironside". Although the German translation of "Tithe" is good, I was surprised to find that some things were left out. Sometimes it's only a sentence but there is a particular scene where a big chunk didn't find its way into the translated version. I think it might have been too violent for the designated age group, I don't know. It's not that important for the progress of the story but if you know the book by heart as I do, you can't not notice. So, if you love all things faerie and especially when they get woven into the modern world you should really check this one out. And for those of you who don't mind a bit of drooling while reading: The male elfin protagonist alone is worth the read.