Monday, 20 December 2010

It's been a while...

Oh my God, last post in August?? That sux, I agree! Once again my New Year's resolution (one of many) is to blog much more often. It's not that I didn't want to blog the past months but at first I was busy. Then I was on holiday (the first time since ca. 8 years). Then I was busy again. Then it had already been so long that I didn't know what I wanted to write first. Then it had gotten more and more awkward by the day and I kept thinking "Wow I really need to update my blog, it's been sooo long already."
I still don't know where to start so I'll just sum things up a bit and elaborate on some aspects over the coming days / weeks (I can do this!!).
My exams went good and bad. One exam was really good and I scored an exceptionally good grade. One exam went as bad as it could and I failed. If you read some of my university-complain-posts you already know which exam that was...yes, math of course. I've been crying and raging enough about that already, I'm going to take the exam again im March 2011, and that's that for the moment. Apart from that freaking exam, I'm done with university and could have started teaching in February. Argh.

A new guinea pig moved in with us after Ruth had died. Her name is Fiona and she is wonderful and awesome. I still have to properly introduce Luna who had her 1 year anniversary with us in August and I'm afraid both introductions have to be postponed a bit longer. I really need to bribe them with a lot of food to sit still for 20 seconds so I can snap a decent photo of those rascals.

There has been knitting those past few months, oh yes. There has been a lot of knitting the past few days. And a bit of anger. Angry knitting leads to aching wrists and shoulders. I am still looking for the perfect number of stitches for a perfect sock for me. I have been ripping back what could have been several pairs of socks. My feet are completely off the charts, they are fairly small (or short) but I have a high arch and they seem to be wider as they look (huh??). So most socks are fine around the toes but so tight on the instep that I can barely put them on. I've been fiddling with total stitch counts and needle sizes and nothing satisfied me so far. I don't mind the challenge and I don't mind ripping that much but as I have problems with wrist and forearm pain, I rip back a lot of work that came at a high prize. I know that the solution for that sock fitting problem is to knit ribbed socks. But some sock yarns are so wonderfully colourful and self-striping that I really want to knit them in plain stockinette stitch. I like to knit socks from the toe up and now I'm trying a bigger size than seems reasonable. It seems to be too wide around the toes but I want to see how it fits once I turned the heel. I've already tried several heel types and I love a slip stitch heel with a gusset.

I intend to prepare a couple of blog posts, one will be of our vacation in England. Until then I leave you with a photo of me and the pretty White Cliffs of Dover (click to make it bigger!). See you soon!