Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Yeah, you already told me - twice.

Last weekend I had to endure several conversations I had to endure before. I could flip out when people tell me stuff over and over again. I don't mean the never ending "Tidy up your room!" that my mother gave me a thousand times. That was annoying, too, but I learned to ignore it after some time. No, I mean when you are sitting together with some friends, having dinner and chatting about this and that. Last weekend we had pizza with another couple and watched a movie afterwards (District 9, highly disturbing but interesting with quite some bloody shocker scenes). And without fail, I had to hear stories I had heard before. More than once. They were boring. And pointless. And stupid. And although I said "Yeah, you already told me.", she will bring it up again the next time. It wouldn't annoy me so much if it was something important and interesting like the sense of life, the fate of planet earth and the beings living on it, or child education or where to find the best sockyarn *g*. But it concerned something the co-workers had said, something the doctor had said, how the ugly hole in the sofa is ugly, and whatnot.
That really takes me back to when the mother of my ex-boyfriend tortured me with endless stories about laundry and how the house was build after her imagination and plans. She told me the same stories on a daily basis, really, no kidding! My ex-boyfriend found that highly amusing because she had changed her focus from him to me and he didn't need to shout at her to shut it anymore. Good times.
Really now, what is that?? Do some people talk so much bollocks the whole day long that they only recognize it as a low humming sound and therefore are completely oblivious to what they say??

Another thing I don't like: Having to tell the same thing over and over again. Now you could say that for that reason, becoming a teacher won't probably be the right thing for me =) Anyway, I have a fairly good memory and consider it polite, respectful and important to remember what people are telling me. At least the major part of it, of course I can't remember everything. I might be wrong to expect the same from them, but I somehow do. But last weekend - yes, we're still there - I answered the same questions I answered at least four times before. While I appreciate the interest in my life, I kind of suspect the interest to not be real, as the person either doesn't really listen or forgets it after a few hours.
I don't mind telling the same thing over and over again to different people but to one person? I tell you, that Saturday I felt like Bill Murray and was extremely annoyed by that blabbering and blubbering groundhog.
Ah yes, and you know what? People who can't shut it while watching a movie annoy me, too! "What is this?" "What's he doing?" "That is disgusting, can we watch something else?" "What did she just say?" "Is that blood?"

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Endless relief

I passed! I finally, finally passed that maths exam!!! After several disappointments and tries, I passed. I didn't write about actually taking another shot at that freaking exam, because I couldn't have stood writing about another possible fail... Now I can take my final maths exam around August this year and be done with that annoying sh**. No more infinity of primes, no more icosahedrons and their many useless rotation axes, no more calculus of probabilities...YAY!!
I am so relieved, I nearly peed myself when I got the result. Yes, there still is the final exam, but that will be different, as that will mostly cover didactics for primary schools, hence things I will actually be doing in the future. Ehm, did I even mention what I'm studying?? I am studying to become a teacher for primary schools. My major subjects are German and religious studies/education (I hope that's the right word for it) but I was forced to do maths as well as a minor subject. Now please don't say "Come on, it's maths for primary schools, get a grip...". I get that all the time... "primary school" is just my main focus but I could teach classes up to 10th grade. Hard to explain really because educational systems vary from country to country. That made it extra frustrating for me because I had to study so hard for things I hated AND will never actually be teaching.
Anyhow, it's done now, I'm extremely happy and relieved and want to share it with you =))) Whoooohoooo!!!

Friday, 12 March 2010

A friend to knit with

I came across this nice blog a while ago: http://a-friend-to-knit-with.blogspot.com/
I really like the name because it is something I have been hoping for for quite some time now: A friend to knit with. Or a friend to crochet with or to do any other crafts with.
I only have a handful of friends, I don't have a best friend. I might not even have really good or close friends besides Sebastian. Over the years, a lot of friendships broke up due to various reasons and it is harder to find new friends the older you get. I always had more male friends than female ones, something that's still valid today. Women tend to not like my kind of humour and are often offended by my (sometimes too) blunt honesty. Many friendships broke up because my parents chose to move 3 times, forcing me to change schools. Then I lost very good friends because my former boyfriend and they hated each other and I chose him over them (something I still regret deeply). After finishing school, most of my friends chose to go to other towns because of their studies while I became an industrial business management assistant and had much less time for parties and stuff like that. Today they have "real jobs" while I'm studying =)
Sebastian is a phantastic partner and the best friend I could imagine, so I am not really missing anything. Sometimes it would be nice to discuss some things with a girlfriend, but I'm not sad or lonely without a girlfriend. But someone to knit with, that would be heaven. I knit with my mom but I don't know if our relationship has the quality of a friendship. Someone to knit with, that's what I want. And maybe a close friendship is waiting somewhere in a ball of yarn and when it finally pokes out, I wouldn't send it away.
I'm not an easy person, I know that. People tend to annoy me, I hate shallowness and indifference. I have strong principles and try to stick to them, but I'm not intolerant and I don't care what a person looks like or how old he/she is. Of course it is nice if a friend likes the same things oneself likes, but I don't care if he/she does not want to watch "Outlander" at least once a week with me.
I can't stand certain things like cruelty to animals and children or pollution of nature. I hate when people think they have a right to only think of themselves, stomping through the world, completely oblivious to the distruction they leave behind.
I'm not perfect in that way either, but I really try to make a difference and live a frugal life without waste. I rarely eat meat but when I do, I make sure that the animal who died to feed me has lived a good life.
I better stop now or I'll ramble on and on....

Getting back to the title of this post: Yes, someone to knit with would be great. Knitting, drinking too much coffee and eating cake with someone who does not think that animals are only meant to feed, clothe and amuse us. That's not too much to ask, is it??

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Stitching again

Because of the much rambled about pain in my wrists, I started cross-stitching again. That hurts, too, but only a bit and only in my left hand. That is due to the way I hold the fabric, I hate embroidery hoops and frames. So I kind of stretch the fabric with the fingers of my left hand. Hard to explain... Anyway, over all the knitting-excitement I almost forgot how much I loved to stitch. I have several WIPs, mostly really big projects that I just can't constantly work on. The constant change of colours and their various shades slows progress way down and I often change the project or start and finish a small one.
I always find it hard to focus my taste on one special style. This concerns handcrafts als well als music, colours, fashion, decorating and so on... Of course there are things I absolutely hate, but in general I tend to find pleasure in a diversity of things. For example: I love and adore Teresa Wentzlers designs and want to stitch them all (which would take several lifetimes and more hands), but I also like the patterns by The Prairie Schooler. They use only few colours and no backstitches at all but their designs are very pretty in their simplicity.
Since two years (or more?) I wanted to do all of those patterns so I could have something new and pretty on the wall every month:
Well, I won't stitch July, as I am not American. I will surely do October and November because Halloween is just great and the turkey is cute and works for me even though we don't celebrate Thanksgiving as the Americans do.
I already finished June and now I started on February. I am not sure I will make the finished projects into little pillows as shown in the books. I am lousy at sewing and therefore too afraid to test my skills on a piece of linen with beautiful embroidery...
I was a bit too stingy with the fabric so framing will only work if I use a passe-partout.

Sewn gifts

I found some pictures on my camera which have been sitting there since December. Last Christmas I gave a few handmade things as gifts because I am pretty broke at the moment. My godmother almost always gets handmade things because they make her happy and she really appreciates them. She is a very nice lady and I could not wish for a better godmother. As she has everything and can buy everything she likes, I switched to crafted presents rather than buying things a long time ago. This time, I did some sewing, both with my sewing machine and manually. The hearts and the bird are stuffed with a poly-something filling. Being unable to draw anything a normal human could recognize for what it is supposed to be, I found the instructions online. The wonderful bird can be found here (I only slightly altered mine): www.purlbee.com/sewn-bird-ornaments/

Note: The winged heart is supposed to look wonky! =)

I used some stashed fabrics, mostly of clothes that got too tight *ahem* Using things from my stash pleases me to no end. Using and at the same time recycling stashed things whilst saving money and creating something beautiful to make someone happy comes close to ecstasy. Really, it feels nice.