Thursday, 23 July 2009

I can't believe that is has been a month since my last post...
The green jumper is finally finished. It did not turn out 100 % to my satisfaction, but it was my first knitted jumper ever and I learned from my mistakes. I knitted the sleeves way too tightly and I therefore had a lot of trouble sewing them on the jumper. As I neither wanted to knit the sleeves again, nor leave the jumper as a tank-top, I sewed them on anyway, somehow... Unfortunately it does not seem to be possible to take a picture where the colour looks right. But I won't stop trying, so be patient! =)

In the meantime, I busy myself with completely flipping out because of my maths exam on Saturday. I HAVE to pass that exam in order to attend my major and final maths exam in August. So please keep your fingers crossed.. I am such a loser in maths, I am going to need all your toes crossed as well!